Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tinder Styled Pet Rating App By BuzzFeed, 'Cute or Not', For iPhone

Who has the cutest pet? The app that lets the community judge your pet by their looks and cuteness of the photo!

In newly released app for iPhone by website BuzzFeed, get your pets going viral by uploading photos and rating other peoples.

'Cute or Not', uses a Tinder style rating system, where you swipe the photos you think are cute, right, and the ones that you don't like, left.

However, you're not trying to get a match for your cat or dog, instead you're just helping to rate and find the most cute animals from the community.

The top pet pictures are featured in the app and across BuzzFeed's website. Other features include sharing and illustrated badges to earn.

While this is a great way to find pictures of 'cute' pets, it's also kind of harsh swiping left and basically saying to other people, 'I don't like your pet'. So we now have an app to judge animals like we judge other people!


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