Wednesday, March 11, 2015

'Spring Ninja' Another Impossible To Play Game For iOS

It seems since the popularity of Flappy Bird struck the app store, the new hip thing for games is to be impossible to play. It's all about the games of short burst where you try to top your very high score ... of 3.

Spring Ninja By Ketchapp, is a game where you tap and hold to build up the power of your spring, to jump from pillars sticking out of the ground. As you probably expected, the game is hard to master, and your top scores may not break the double digits for a while.

Other note worthy features of Spring Ninja is ads! Apparently a free to download game these days means to developers, 'add as many ads as you probably can'. Literally, an advertisement was the first thing I saw when opening the app for the first time. Which was then followed by two app crashes.

To me, these 'games' are not fun. They're simple time wasters, without much of anything. But they somehow still manage to sky rocket their way up the App Store charts. What's you opinion? Is Spring Ninja, fun? Let me know in the comments.

-> View Spring Ninja on the App Store


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