Thursday, March 19, 2015

'Power Rangers Unite' Now Available To Download for iOS from the App Store

New Power Rangers game for iPhone and iPad, Power Rangers Unite, has hit the App Store today! (March 19th 2015) Power Rangers Unite is the official collectable card game (made by Funtactix, Inc), featuring all 22 seasons of the Power Rangers! (Yes, even the newest season, Power Rangers Dino Charge).

Power Rangers Unite's story takes place after the events of the 'Legendary Battle' from Power Rangers Super Megaforce. After Emperor Mavro's fleet was defeated as the Legendary Rangers disbanded, a shadowy portal opened, drawing all the Power Rangers into a mysterious world. The Rangers confused about where they are, soon find out that new villain, Nerodark created the hole which leads into what he calls the "Other Earth", so he could create an army of villains from the shadows. Somehow, the Rangers also got sucked into this "Other Earth" and now must team up together once again, to stop this new evil -- fighting villains of the past who are emerging from the shadows.

The action-pack-card-game features; Battles! You can challenge your friends or a random opponent online or play the single player campaign. With over 250 different cards to collect, featuring the Rangers, Zords, Weapons, abilities, and more. The game will also test your strategic skills with multiple card types and an endless amount of strategy game plays. You can customize your card deck for battle in the single-player campaign.

Power Rangers Unite features in-app purchases to buy additional card packs. You can also watch video advertisements to earn coins instead. Watching one video pays a measly low amount of 8 Power Coins. To buy one card pack with coins you'd need to watch 13 videos ads. Note: you also get rewarded with coins for completing levels.

So far card packs are of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Megaforce, and Power Rangers Super Megaforce. I bought the basic Mighty Morphin pack and got 8 cards, all from MMPR, so a set pack seems to include cards just from that Ranger season. So far, I am not sure if that really means all 22 season of Rangers are in the game - more likely, other teams are planned to be added in later updates.

The game is divided into chapters with multiple levels in each. The first chapter is titled, "From the Shadows". Basically, you play cards from your hand onto the board, which you use to fight your enemy. Forces are played in the front row, gear and tactic cards are played in the back row. There are 5 types of cards; Action, Edge, Forces, Gear, and Tactic. The game is rated for people aged 9+. I am not sure if young kids would be able to properly just pick up and the play, as the game will take some time and effort to learn how to play.

The installer files weighs in at around 90MB, but only after playing couple of levels, the games file size was surely more than that! Going back to the menu I found the game very painfully slowly downloading additional files which took over 20 minutes to complete and two tries. The file size of the game so far for me has extended to over 300MB. Make sure you are connect to Wi-Fi when playing this game!

As for graphics and sound - the graphics are pretty simple. Very basic card game style play. Music includes the original Mighty Morphin theme from the movie. And background music  The game also features sounds from the Rangers and allies themselves (taken from the TV Show), which is a nice touch.

As this is the first released version of Power Rangers Unite, there does still seem to be some bugs. At points the game froze. The screen size went out of whack. And it had difficulties loading.

I personally didn't find the game to be fun to play, it was boring to me, but these type of card games are not usually my thing.

Power Rangers Unite is free to download, (contains in-app purchases), is designed for iPhone and iPad, and is available to download from the App Store.

> View 'Power Rangers Unite' in the App Store.


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