Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Apple Watch Price Predictions Results!

If you're a frequent reader here on Apps-Reviewed, you most likely would of seen my price prediction, here & here and band predictions in the comments here, of the Apple Watch range. Now we finally know the prices, lets see how I did!

My predictions in black, actual price in green for correct, red for incorrect guess. Prices are shown in USD. 

Apple Watch Sport
38mm - $349 - $349
42mm - $399 - $399

Apple Watch (with Sport Band)
38mm - $549 - $549
42mm - $599 - $599

Apple Watch (Space Black with Link Bracelet) 
38mm - $899 - $1,049
42mm - $999 - $1,099

Apple Watch Edition 
Anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000. - From $10,000 to $17,000

Apple Watch Bands (excluding Edition Bands): 
Sport Band: $39 - $49 - $49 (for both sizes)
Classic Leather: $99 - $129 - $149 (for both sizes)
Modern Buckle: $149 - $249
Milanese Loop: $199 - $149 (for both sizes)
Leather Loop: $149 - $149
Link Bracelet: $249 - $299 - $449 (for both sizes)

So, in conclusion, I guessed the starting prices of both the 38mm and 42mm models in both Sport and standard Watch models. I was off by around $100 on both Space-Black models. The Edition watch is around the range I expected, however it does has a starting price of $10,000, double the $5,000 that was previously thought by many. As for the bands, I guessed 2 out of the 6. All in all, I think I did pretty well.  

Did you make any predictions? How'd you do? 

View all the Apple Watch prices and more information on the Apple Website


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