Thursday, March 19, 2015

Launcher Notification Center Widget Relaunches on the iOS App Store

Launcher was one of the first apps to take advantage of the Notification Center widgets when iOS 8 launched last year. It was removed from the App Store after a week, as Apple felt it was a "misuse" of the Notification Center widgets.

Now, Apple has changed their minds, reviewing Launcher and have now decided to allowed the app to again be in the App Store.

So what is 'Launcher with Notification Center Widget' (by Cromulent Labs)?

Launcher is your favorite shortcuts in the Notification Center. With Launcher, you can set up shortcuts to call people, message, email, or FaceTime. Set a location to get directions to. Access favorite websites. Perform an action with a supported app. And more...

There is a Pro Version upgrade available. Upgrade to pro to enable 3 extra rows of launchers and to customize the size of the widget.

Launcher is free to download, designed for iPhone and iPad, and is available from the App Store.

-> View 'Launcher with Notification Center Widget' on the App Store.


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