Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is the Space Black Apple Watch Only Available With The Link Bracelet?

Is the Space Black Apple Watch Only Available with the Link Bracelet to Buy? This question has been asked far too much, by multiple people all over the internet. Thanks to Apple, there seems to be a confusion on this topic. So let's settle this:

Yes, it appears so.

Apple has clearly predetermined set collections for the Apple Watch range. This is the range they show with different available band options. Same range as the ones you can 'favorite' to be ready for preorder. Same collection set they show prices for. So, yes, the predetermined collections seem to be what will be available to pre-order/ buy.

Can you buy additional bands for the Space Black Apple Watch? Yes. Like all Apple Watches, bands should be compatible with each other. However, not all bands will look good, because many have a silver/chrome connection. Bands that will look good with the Space Black Apple Watch are; Leather Loop, Sport Band, Link Bracelet (obviously).

Click to view the Apple Watch Collections.


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