Wednesday, March 18, 2015

iOS How To Duplicate Photos Without Using A 3rd Party App - iPhone Tip

If you want to create a duplicate of a photo in iOS before you make some edits and changes, there is no real built-in way to do so. There is apps that can do this, but there is also another (long) workaround using only pre-installed apps.

While this way may seem long and unnecessary - it is possible. It uses the copy and paste feature of iOS and the Notes app as a middleman.

- To duplicate a photo, first select the image in the Photos app.

- Hold down on the image to bring up more options. Select 'Copy'.

- Open the Notes App.

- Tap in the empty note to bring up more options and select 'Paste'. Then tap 'Done'.

- Now press and hold the photo in the note you just created to bring up the sharing options. Select 'Save Image'. You now will have two of the same images in the Photos app.


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