Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Instagram's New App 'Layouts' Remixes Your Photos To Create One-Of-A-Kind Collages

Just launched on March 23rd, is Instagram's latest app for iPhone, 'Layout from Instagram'.

Layouts, lets you remix up to 9 of your photos and create unique layouts. The interface and the ease of use, is by far the best features of, 'Layouts from Instagram'.

Layouts from Instagram | iPhone
When you open the app you have your photo gallery shown, and there is also options to sort your photos by Faces; which shows you photos with people in them. Recents; your recently used photos. And Photo Booth; which allows you to take up to 4 photos from your iPhone's front camera, in a rapid session.

Choose the photos you'd like to use and Layouts will place them into many different styled layouts. You can then choose your favorite layout and customize the borders, and edit the images by mirroring, flipping or replacing.

Up to this point, it's all great, simple and easy. However, some of the things I didn't quite like about Layouts from Instagram, are;

There is no borders to the images - you can't customize the thickness or colors, etc. In fact, there is no framing.

Second, all layouts are pretty basic, square, horizontal, type layouts. Nothing fancy.

Third, the exported image size is only 750x750 pixels. This is okay for web and Instagram use, however it's not high quality and therefore you can't use it for other uses, like a high quality print.

To sum up, 'Layouts from Instagram', is a good app for those who don't already use a more advanced layout app, or for those who want a basic one. As I said earlier, the intuitive, smooth interface is the apps best feature. I hope the app continues to get more advanced in future versions.

'Layout from Instagram' is FREE to download, and is designed for iPhone.

> Download 'Layout from Instagram' now from the App Store.   


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