Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Compare Apple Watch Sizes on Your iPhone's Screen With Apple Store App

Apple Watch Sport

38mm or 42mm? A question that a lot of Apple Watch potential customers are asking themselves, now that we know the prices and release date of the Watch.

Apple has also made it easier for you to see what those different model sizes will look like on your iPhone. All you need is the Apple Store app.

Open the Apple Store app and select an Apple Watch collection. Then tap 'View Pricing'. Now, around the top of the screen, tap 'Compare case sizes'. You will be shown the actual size of both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models. 

While this is a good way of seeing how big the watch case may be, it's still not the best way to see what it'll look like on your wrist. For that, I suggest downloading this paper template, cutting it out and trying it on.

Of course, the best way is to actually try on the Apple Watch from April 10th, when it's available to see and try on in Apple stores.  


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