Friday, March 6, 2015

Apple Watch Price Predictions, Prepare for Shock!

If you're a frequent visitor to Apps-Reviewed, you've probably read my price predictions of the Apple Watch range. For some other opinions, and kind of a bet I have going to see whose price predictions are more accurate, I hand this post over to guest blogger, Nik Kourtessis. 

It’s almost here! The Apple Watch that is… Late last week Apple announced their next media event, “Spring Forward”, will be held on March 9th at 10am PDT.

We already know what the Apple Watch looks like and mostly what they are made of, but the one thing that's still on everyone's mind, is how much the Apple Watch is going to set you back… Just about everyone that’s anyone in the tech industry has thrown their guesses out there. And then there’s everyone else, so here are my Apple Watch price guesses based solely on my guesses and what Apple has charged for their other products in the past.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook said that the starting price for the Apple Watch will be $349USD. So naturally we are all assuming that would be the 38mm Apple Watch Sport. What will be the price range difference between the 38mm and the 42mm Watches? My guess is that price difference will start at around $100 to $150 price range, depending on which model you’ll decide on.

My guess for the 42mm Sport Watch, I’m thinking it’ll be about $499USD. I don’t think that there will be a price difference for the Space Gray aluminum, just like there isn't for the iPhone's and iPad's.  

As for the Stainless Steel Apple Watch, I’m going to guess that it’s starting price will be around $699USD for the 38mm and $849USD for the 42mm.

Now for the Stainless Steel Space Black. I think this will be priced well over a $1,000USD. But I’ll guess the starting price of $1,049USD for the 38mm and $1,199USD for the 42mm.

Let’s move on over to the Apple Watch Edition, starting with the Rose Gold. Now there has been a lot of rumors that it could be anywhere between $5,000 all the way up to $20,000USD. So my guess for the Rose Gold Watch is $5,000USD for the 38mm and $5,499 for the 42mm. Now as for the Gold Apple Watch, I think if it’s 18kt solid gold, then we could be looking at about $15,000USD for the 38mm and $15,990USD for the 42mm. If its gold plated, then my guess will be $10,000 USD for the 38mm and $10,599USD for the 42mm.

Now onto the Apple Watch Bands.

- For the Fluoroelastomer (Sport Band) $39USD 38mm and $59USD 42mm.
- The Leather Loop straps, 38mm $199USD and 42mm $269USD.
- The Link Bracelet, 38mm $299USD and 42mm $399USD.
- For the Classic Buckle, 38mm $249USD and 42mm $349USD.
- The Modern Buckle, 38mm $299USD and 42mm $399USD.
- And finally the Milanese Loop,  38mm $399USD and 42mm $499USD.

Well thats it for my predictions, only about 4 days until we all find out if I’m right. Honestly, I hope I’m way over the real prices.

Thanks for reading.    

By Nik Kourtessis.

Twitter @NikKourtessis

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  1. My price predictions:

    Apple Watch Sport
    38mm - $349
    42mm - $399

    Apple Watch (with Sport Band)
    38mm - $549
    42mm - $599

    Apple Watch (Space Black with Link Bracelet)
    38mm - $899
    42mm - $999

    Apple Watch Edition
    Anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000.

    Apple Watch Bands (excluding Edition Bands):
    Sport Band: $39 - $49
    Classic Leather: $99 - $129
    Modern Buckle: $149
    Milanese Loop: $179 - $199
    Leather Loop: $149
    Link Bracelet: $249 - $299


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