Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vine Releases App Just For Kids - Vine Kids App Review

Kids love watching videos, but you don't really want to leave them alone on some of those popular websites - you never know what they could find. But now there is a video app just for kids. Vine, the popular 6 second looping video social app, has released - Vine Kids

Vine Kids is made just for young children. It has hand-picked videos - so you don't need to worry about them watching something inappropriate. The app features a simple 'swipe to the left to view the next video' interface. There is no uploading or social element, just kid friendly videos. 

While it's great that kids can use this app to watch 'cute' Vine videos that parents don't need to worry about -- is it a little too limiting? 

The app is Vine characters holding up  preselected videos, and you swipe the screen to go to the next one - and so on. There is no categories to select a topic from. No search. If you leave the app for long enough or close the app from ruining in the background on your iOS device, the app restarts you from the beginning again. I feel like this is a one time use app. Scroll through the videos, and your done with the app. There is no 'replay' value.

Kids pick up and use technology so easy. I think we should give kids a little more credit and make this app for a older audience than just under 5 year olds. Lets give them a proper hand-picked video site and let them at least choose from at least different topics to watch. Wanna see Cat videos, click on the cat! Want to watch cartoons, click the heading cartoons, and so on. A shuffle mode would be fine - but not for being the whole entire app. 


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