Sunday, February 22, 2015

View Photos Exif Metadata Data on iPhone and iPad With Handy App Extension

Ever realize that you could not view the exif metadata of photos in the iOS Photos app? The exif metadata lets you view details about the photograph with information like; file size, file name, dimensions, the date taken, and camera information including; ISO speed, F number, exposure time, and more...

Seeing the photos metadata is usually important to photographers, but is also important for your own privacy as the exif data may contain your location.

One way to view all that info is with a handy app extension from the application ViewExif By Steven Zhang, which at time of posting, is currently free to download for a limited time! Down from $0.99USD.

ViewExif is easy to set up and use. Download the app. Open a photo in the iOS Photos app. Tap the share button. Scroll across and tap 'More'. Switch on, ViewExif and tap 'Done'. Now there will be a new button in the share mode called, 'ViewExif'. Tap 'ViewExif'. It'll bring up all the information available for the photo. Tap the share button and you can also share the photo with or without the Exif metadata attached.

ViewExif works on image files such as; JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW image files like CR2 and NEF. You can also use ViewExif in 3rd-party apps. 

ViewExif is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


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