Saturday, February 7, 2015

Two Teen School Girls Make Game Where You Throw Tampons Menstruation Haters

Tampon Run iOS Game

I love it when developers push the boundaries of what some people are too afraid to talk about. Make them squirm, because their old fashioned minds are too afraid of reality. Tampon Run (by Cheryl Houser), is a game made by two high schoolers, Andy Gonzales and Sophie Houser at a Girls Who Code program over the summer, who want to stop the taboo around talking about menstruation and help try to stop girls feeling ashamed of their bodies natural functions.

If you don't know what a period (and no, not the punctuation mark placed at the end of a sentence) / menstruation is, you're either a less then 12 year old boy, or have been shielded by your over-protective parents who are afraid of the world and science.

As the games introduction states, "Menstruation. It's totally normal. And yet, women are taught that it's embarrassing. And crude." So this game was made to help shine some light on the topic, get people talking and get rid of the stigma.

Tampon Run, is a eight-bit side-scrolling game, where you play as Luna, a girl who is fighting back against the menstruation haters by throwing tampons at them, enlightening the enemies. If you collide with the enemies they will take away your tampons. So you must collect new packs of tampons, while using them to defend your self against the haters. If you run out, it's game over.

Simple to control, with two buttons, a 'Jump' and 'Fire' button. You can share your score to social networks etc.. or compare your score to the world using Game Center. There are also many menstruation themed Achievements to earn.

Tampon Run, being 8-bit and all, has a great nostalgia feel. It's a simple game, but is also actually fun, and educational! The game gets quicker and more difficult the further you progress.

Tampon Run is designed for iPhone and is FREE from the App Store. You can also play the game on your computer at the Tampon Run website

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