Monday, February 2, 2015

Tesla Car Apple Watch App Concept [Video]

Car manufacture Tesla has created their first Apple Watch app using the WatchKit software. The app which allows controlling for the Tesla Model S electric car via the Internet using web-service API.

The app which is still a concept for now, shows perfectly how a user can control and access information about the car from their smart watch.

Due to current limitations of the Apple WatchKit SDK, Tesla couldn't do everything they would of wanted, however they still managed to make a cool concept app.

The developers decided on using 6 screens in the app:

- Main screen; which gives the user an overview of the car including things like; battery, temperature, mileage, etc.

- Controls menu; a pop up menu which features controls for opening/closing the car, switching on the headlights, and beeping.

- Charging screen; where you can see details on the car battery life.

- Climate screen; shows the temperature inside the car and allows changes.

- Location screen; shows you where your car is located on a Map.

- And the Glance screen; the quick overview of information about the car’s condition.

If you want to read an in-depth post about making the Tesla Car app and the capabilities of Apple Watch SDK, check out the developers, Eleks Labs, article.


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