Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Send Old School ASCII Art Text Pictures With iPhone App 'TextPics'

Ever seen someone send you a smiley face that looked like this:    :)    Well that's because before there was those Emoji images, if you wanted to send a picture in a text message, you were drawing it using things like; brackets, dashes, slashes, commas, punctuation marks, quotation marks, and anything else you could possible find on the keyboard that help you make a picture that looked like something.

These text pictures weren't lame, oh no, they were a work of art. And now you can relive the old school text pictures style and send them all over again. But this time, you won't need to type them out, thanks to a handy app called, TextPics by FTW Innovations.

TextPics is free to buy (at time of posting) and download for iOS (designed for iPhone) devices.

TextPics is a really handy app because it is full of images pre-made for you.  There are a heap of categories to choose an image from, including: Love, Animals, Borders, Bunnies, Celebrations, Christmas, Food, Halloween, Music, Sports, Vehicles, Symbols, and a lot more...

All you need to do is tap a category, then choose a text pic, then you have the option to; Send to a Contact, Copy to the Clipboard to paste later, or Add the image to your favorites. If you are really creative, you can also make and share your own TextPics.

Lets brings back some more creativity with images in text messages. Download TextPics now!

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