Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Price Alert! 'Sound Board' Currently Free To Download For iPhone and iPad

Sound Board for iPhone and iPad

Price alert! Sound Board - Annoying Sounds and Funny Button Effects! By Wendy Bernfeld is currently on sale -- and is FREE to download for iOS devices. Saving of $0.99USD.

Sound Board features 100 different sounds. 76 random sounds, and 24 fart sounds.

Sounds include: Boing, Chimpanzee, Toilet flushing, Ahooga, Applause, Laugh, Gong, Rooster, Chainsaw, Gun, Burp, Punch sound effects, Elephant, Scream, Cow, Monster Roar, Cash, and many more...

You can rearrange the sounds, loop sounds, play multiple sounds over one another, play a random sound, and more.

Sound Board is currently free to download (at time of posting) and is designed for iPhone and iPad.


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