Monday, February 2, 2015

iPhone Tip: How To Update Software Without Needing iTunes - Over The Air

New to using a Apple device? Did you know that you can update your iOS software without needing to connect your iPhone/iPad to iTunes? It's called a 'Over the Air' update, and doesn't require you to connect your device with cables to a computer. It also doesn't require you to download the whole size of the software - only the 'updated' part. You will need however to be connect to Wi-Fi. 

While doing a iOS update over the air may not require you to connect your device to iTunes, it's still important that you have a backup of your device. So it is strongly recommended that you create a current backup of your device before you update. The best way is to connect your device to a computer and back up in iTunes, or at very least, backup all your data to iCloud. Backups are important because if something went wrong during the update or even if you lost or damaged your device, you wouldn't want to lose all your data. 

To perform a Over The Air (OTA) update follow these steps:

1.  Open the 'Settings' app.

2. Tap 'General'. 

3. Tap 'Software Update'. 

4. Tap 'Install Now' to begin the update. 

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