Monday, February 2, 2015

How To View Previous Weeks Step Count Using Apple Health App Data on iPhone

Apple's iOS HealthKit is a great tool to measure all sort of health data including your step count. The Health app however is not a great place to view that data. The graphs are limited and will basically only show you the current day results, and week, month, and yearly averages. If you want to view, for example, the number of steps you took three days ago - you can't. That's where third party apps come in.

Steps – Step Counter for iPhone by Adam Binsz, is a simple app that'll show your total step count results for the past week. The app is so simple - it's just that screen you see in the image. You can see todays current steps, and the last 7 days. There is also a subtle bar graph in the background that compares the numbers.

While Steps may seem limited - it is a great simple way to see your step results at a glance - something that you cannot see in the Apple Health app. I would like to see this app be a little more advanced, maybe store previous weeks data and give you some more graphs and ways to compare that data, create step goals... But for now, if all you want is a simple weekly step tracker - Steps is a great choice.

-> View Steps – Step Counter for iPhone on the App Store. [Free] 


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