Thursday, February 19, 2015

'Fake Apple Watch Imitation' Smart Watch Available To Buy On

The Tonsee Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch, a.k.a. the fake Apple Watch as it's known online due to it's 'similarities' to the Apple Watch design, is available to buy today on for only $40.99USD.

This smart watch apparently works with iOS and Android smartphones.

The AW08 model, features a 1.5 inch screen, with a 190mA Battery capacity, 12 languages, a screen resolution of 128x128, abilities to; answer or make calls with hands-free support, and play music after Bluetooth pairing.

So if you can't wait until April for the real Apple Watch and you want a lesser smart watch, or if you just want to fool your friends for about 5 seconds, check out the AW08 Tonsee Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch.


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