Monday, February 23, 2015

94% for iOS May Just Be That Family-Feud-Like Game That You've Been Looking For

From the app developers Scimob, who brought you the popular games 94 Seconds and 94 Degrees which have over 25 million players worldwide, comes a new game called, 94%.

94% is a surveyed guessing game, similar to that of the game and TV Show, Family Feud, But without the family and the competition, and with different elements to the game style. 

The object of 94% is to guess the top 94% of the given answers to the surveys. The game is divided into levels of two questions and one picture question.

A survey may ask a question like, for example the first level is: "Things you find in a pencil case". So you would then type in your answers, like; Pencils, Pens, Ruler, ect... Until you guess all of the 94% of the given answers from the conducted survey.

Complete the games and win coins. Use those coins for help if you get stuck.

94% features hundreds of questions, which are based on words, expressions and images. You can also take part in surveys and suggest your own surveys.

94% is FREE to download, and is designed for both iPhone and iPad iOS devices.


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