Friday, January 16, 2015

Should You Buy The First Generation Apple Watch Or Wait For the 2nd Model?

Apple Watch Edition with Sport Band | Image via Apple, Inc.  

Things to consider before buying an Apple Watch...

To buy the first generation Apple Watch or to hold out for mark 2, that is the question! If you, like myself, have been anxiously waiting for the Apple Watch ever since it was first rumored around 3 years ago, you'll probably want to buy one as soon as possible, right? But is that a great idea? Would it be a better idea to wait for the second generation model?

The Apple Watch is a luxury item and in no way an necessity, unlike a phone is to a lot of people. And the Apple Watch isn't going to be cheap either, with prices starting from USD$349, which is most likely for the 38mm Sport, aluminum and Ion-X glass model. Prices are set to skyrocket from their, all the way up to possibly thousands of dollars for the yellow and rose gold, Apple Watch Edition.

Unlike a traditional classic watch, the Apple Watch is basically a computer. And computers we know have a short lifespan. Technology gets more advanced and powerful in a short amount of time, and that smart-watch you buy, will probably get replaced within 12 months with a more advanced model. Note that, it is unknown whether Apple will be releasing a new Apple Watch every year, but I'd assume it to be likely.

We know, unlike a classic watch, the Apple Watch will likely only last you a few years, before you'll want to replace it with a newer model. So before you go and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on the Apple Watch, you'll need to ask yourself - how much do I really want to spend on a watch that I'll only wear for a few years, at best, and then may need to buy again?

As for the Apple Watch being the first generation, before you decide to buy, (unless you plan on buying a new Apple Watch every time a new one is released), you'll need to be okay with knowing the following; This is a new product. There may be bugs still needed to sort out. It may be lacking features that you wanted it to have - that a later model might include. The battery life may not be as great as you hoped it would be. The watch might be too thick or heavy for your liking. There may be a more awesome 2nd generation Apple Watch with better features, longer battery life, that's faster, thinner, and makes your first generation look old and busted, released the next year.

At the end of the day, once you know everything about the Apple Watch and maybe have tried one out at an Apple store, if you still want the Apple Watch and can afford to buy one, I say, buy it! However, you may want to reconsider which model you buy. If you were planning on buying the stainless steel Apple Watch with the sapphire glass and shiny finish, and that is really high up there in price and you don't really want to spend so much money, maybe buy the Sport model instead. Test and keep that one for a couple of years, and invest later on, in a more advanced generation model of the Apple Watch. If you can afford to spend easily for the stainless steel or even gold Edition, and don't mind the idea of spending that same amount again, possibly a few years later, go ahead and treat yourself.

The Apple Watch prices will start from US$349, presumably for the Apple Watch Sport model, and is said to be available to buy in "early 2015", with current rumors claiming the smart watch is on-track to ship sometime in March, at least for the USA. With other countries Apple website just stating, "Available 2015",  it is unknown whether the Apple Watch will debut in multiple countries at the same time.


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