Friday, January 30, 2015

Poll: Apple Watch 38mm Vs 42mm - Which Would You Buy?

Image By: Apple, Inc.

The 38mm Apple Watch or the 42mm Apple Watch? Some in the media have labeled the 38mm "the women's watch", but this is far from true - they are all just discriminating idiots. Of course it's all about wrist size and personal preference. Apple has not labeled them 'male' or 'female' watches.

However, there is other factors to consider. Like screen size. I believe the screen size on the Apple Watch 38mm is only 1.5"? That's quite small. And I think the 42mm watch screen is 1.7"? You'll want to be able to read text on this thing... However, I am not sure on those numbers as Apple has not announced specs like that. Other factors could be price, and battery life? The 42mm might have a slightly bigger battery, but of course it also has a slightly bigger screen - so those two could equal each other out. 

So is bigger, better? Or do you like your Watches to be small? Are you a male who likes the 38mm Apple Watch? Or a female who likes the 42mm Apple Watch?


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