Saturday, January 17, 2015

Make Firefox Translucent in OS X Yosemite With This User Styles' Code

Ever since the latest software update for the Mac, OS X 10.10 Yosemite was released, there has been a little something missing from the third party web browsers; Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome... Translucency! That bit of transparency that lets colors through the applications window.  

For Firefox users, good news is that it looks like the team are going to be adding some transparency to the web browser to make it more Yosemite friendly ...eventually. However, it's not going to be the effect of having the colors from the webpage scroll through the title bar like in Safari. Instead, it looks like it'll just be a slight translucent tab bar and title bar that lets a little bit of color from your computers wallpaper through.   

If you use Google's Chrome, looks like you're out of luck, at least for some time to come. However, not all hope is lost, there has been some talk about adding translucency to the Chromium project in a very similar way to how Firefox will be implementing; the top tab bar with a wallpaper blur.

Back to Firefox users, it is unknown when the translucency will be implemented into the browser, however the effect is currently in their developer Nightly Builds of Firefox. But if you really want the bit of transparency, you can get the effect now with the help from an extension and a bit of code.

If you want to add a translucent look with wallpaper blur to Firefox (version 35+) , here's what you'll need to do:

1. Add the Firefox extension Stylish. This add-on is a user styles manager which lets you customize Firefox and other webpages.

2. Now after installing Stylish, you'll need to go to and install the code titled "Yosemite Australis [For 35+]" by worg.

That's it! After you add the code in step 2, your tab bar and titlebar on Firefox will turn slightly translucent and will let a little bit of color from your wallpaper seep through!     

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