Thursday, January 15, 2015

Leaked Apple Watch Companion App Screencaps Reveal More Details About Upcoming Smartwatch

Apple Watch Space-Black | Image by Apple, Inc. 

Website 9to5Mac, has gotten their hands on some screenshots of the upcoming Apple Watch companion app, that iPhone users will need to pair and operate their Apple Watch. While the app may still be in development, the screenshots do reveal some new information about the Apple Watch's customizable settings. 

What did the leaked screenshots of the Apple Watch's app reveal? Well, we now know, things like, there will be settings! Many of them. 

A part of the Fitness aspect of the smartwatch, users can switch on or off; Stand reminders. Fitness Progress updates, which you can adjust how often you want to be notified. Goal Completions. Achievements (when you reach a milestone or personal best). A Weekly Summary of your fitness. Option to track your Heart Rate to figure out calories burned, and option to track your body movement for step count and fitness level.   

Accessibility includes similar options as the iPhone: VoiceOver, Zoom, Grayscale, Bold text, reduced motion, and reduced transparency, ect... 

There is also options for: 24-Hour time, to allow push alerts from iPhone, a new Monogram watch complication (fancy name for one of those extra gadgets on a watch face) that allows you to set 1-4 letters, usually your initials.  

You'll be able to rearrange your Apple Watch's Home screen app icons on your iPhone. 

Set options to be able to reply to Messages via voice (audio) or voice dictation, or both. You can also set a few custom replies. 

A passcode that'll help protect Apple Pay. When you place the Apple Watch on your wrist, you'll need to enter a passcode for Apple Pay to work. If the Apple Watch is removed from your wrist, you'll need to re-enter the code. You can even set the Apple Watch to wipe it's own data if the passcode is entered in wrong, 10 times. 

That Friends button next to the Apple Watch's Digital Crown, allows for up to 12 friends to be added (oh man, this is like MySpace's top friends list all over again). Which you can then communicate with via the taptic vibrations, drawings, messages, or quick phone calls. 

You can read more about all the leaked details and view the images of the Apple Watch companion app over on 9to5Mac's website

The Apple Watch prices will start from US$349, presumably for the Apple Watch Sport model, and is said to be available to buy in "early 2015", with current rumors claiming the smartwatch is on-track to ship sometime in March, at least for the USA. With other countries Apple website just stating, "Available 2015",  it is unknown whether the Apple Watch will debut in multiple countries at the same time.    


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