Thursday, January 22, 2015

LastPass Native App Comes To The Mac - OS X App Review

LastPass, the password manager that helps you store all your passwords and create long complex ones so you don't use pick "123456", has released a new native app for OS X on Mac

With the LastPass app for Mac, you can; 

- Sync all of your passwords and logins - across all your computers (and mobile devices if you sign up for LastPass Premium for USD$12 a year.  

- Login in easily and safely with autofill for usernames and passwords. 

- Create form fill profiles. 

- Create and sync more than just logins with; secure notes, memberships, credit cards and more.

- Other premium features include; Shared family folder, Additional multi-factor authentication options, and Offline access to your data via the mobile apps. 

LastPass is a great online based password manager. It makes creating long and complex passwords easy, and all you need to do is remember your one master password. LastPass is mostly free, except for a few additional features and the use of the app on mobile devices. 

If you are already a LastPass user, you may have one of the browser apps already installed. So you may wonder, 'what will this new native Mac app do for me'. And I gotta say, while the Mac app is nice and all, I am still kinda wondering the same thing. I am not quite sure what the point of this app really is. 

The Mac app has; all your saved logins for sites, your secure notes, and all other saved information... It also has the built in Security Challenge to help you change those no-so good passwords. 

The LastPass Mac app is pretty much the browser app, just without the browser. If you click to launch a site - it'll open it up in your chosen default web browser. 

There is actually only one feature that I can see that may be useful from this Mac app:

Quick Search. This new features is kind of like the Spotlight of LastPass. Press: Command Shift L, to bring up Quick Search. Then type a few letters of the site your looking for. You can launch that site or copy the password.  

In conclusion, if you already have the browser LastPass app installed, apart from the Quick Search feature, this Mac app is pretty much the same. And since you'll probably mostly use LastPass for website logins - you'll already have all your information in your web browser, so I am not quite sure what you'll get out of using this app. 

If you know a good use for this LastPass Mac native app, let me know in the comments!


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