Sunday, January 4, 2015

How To Stop App Notifications on iPhone and iPad - iPhone / iPad iOS 8 Basics

Would you like to receive push notifications from this App? This pop-up question is one that I think you should probably always tap "Don't Allow" on, unless it's essential to the Apps function, (e.g: Facebook Messenger should be able to tell you that you have a new message).

Notifications from apps can be annoying and spammy. The worst are those game apps that just try to get you to play again by telling you something like, 'your energy has recharged'. While some my like this, many find it annoying. 

So how do stop these un-important apps from sending you messages? You'll need to head to your iOS device's Settings. 

How To Stop App Notifications on iPhone and iPad (iOS 8)

1. Open the Settings app. 

2. Tap on Notifications

3. Find the app which you want to disable the notifications from, and tap on it.  

4. Now you have a whole bunch of options to choose from.

From the top:

Allow Notifications: 
If you don't want any notification from the app - ever - switch this one, off, and you're done. 

If you want notifications but want to customize how they appear, leave Allow Notification on and keep going down the list. 

Show In Notification Center
Choose whether or not you want to see notifications from the app in Notification Center. Also choose how many items you allow it to show. 

If the app has the ability to alert you with sound this option may be available.

Badge App Icon:
This is the little red circle with a number that appears on the app's icon. Disable this if you don't want to see notification numbers on the app's icon on Home Screen.

Show on Lock Screen:
As it sounds - disable if you don't want an app to show a notification on your iPhone/iPad's lock screen. 

Alert Style:
When using your iOS device and you you receive a notification from the app - decide how you want it to show on screen. Either nothing at all. A banner on the top of the screen. Or a pop-up notification that requires action to be taken.

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