Thursday, January 15, 2015

How To Hard Reset To Fix A Frozen Or Buggy iPhone - iOS 8 Beginner Tips

When your iPhone is acting a little buggy or has frozen, it may be time for a Hard Reset. A Hard Rest is similar to just powering your iPhone off and on, but it forces apps to shut down and the whole system to reboot - usually fixing small bugs.

Apple notes that you should only do a Hard Reset if switching your iPhone off and on, the regular way, does not work. Read the Apple support page here:

To perform a Hard Reset on your iPhone:

*Do not connect your iPhone to your computer. 

1. Hold down the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.

2. Continue to hold down the two buttons while the screen goes blank. Release both buttons at the same time when the Apple logo appears on-screen. (Total, about 10 seconds).


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