Saturday, January 3, 2015

'Game For Two' FREE On iOS App Store Until Jan 4th 2015

Game For Two by Guava7 has gone free to download (down from $1.99USD) until Jan. 4th, 2015 to celebrate the New Year!

Game For Two features 8 board games that you can verse either another person or the robot (computer).

Games included in Game For Two are:

- Caro (a game similar to Gomoku).
- Co Ganh: a special Vietnamese traditional chess game.
- Tiling. A game of making lines, to get tiles.
- Coloring.
- Othello.
- Checkers.
- Conquer. (like Dots and Boxes)
- Chess.

Game For Two features a simple interface. Easy to use controls. And great fun for all ages. It's designed for both iPhone and iPad. Download the game now, and enjoy some old fashion style games with your friends and family!

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