Monday, January 19, 2015

Crossy Road How To Unlock New "Crab" Mystery Character - iOS & Android Game Cheats

Endless road crossing iOS and Android game, Crossy Road by Hipster Whale, was update recently with 16 all new characters! Among these characters were new Australian animals and some new "???" mystery characters.

Yesterday I showed you how to unlock the new mystery character, Drop Bear. Today, another mystery solved, how to unlock the Crab

To unlock the Crab mystery character in Crossy Road, choose any character, then while playing the game, repetitively keep swiping left and right a lot of times (at least 49 times). Keep moving left and right, then forward to continue the game, then back to moving left and right repetitively. And make sure you get a score of at least 40. After you lose the game - the Crab will be awarded to you.    

If you need some video instructions to see how to unlock the Crab, take a look at this video on YouTube.

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