Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crossy Road - How To Unlock '???' Christmas Mystery Character "Gifty"

Crossy Road, the addictive modern game similar to the classic, Frogger, has a bunch of special unlockable characters mark with question marks in the game. These characters can not be bought, but can be unlock in different ways.

Previously, I've showed you how to unlock the mystery characters; Drop bear and Crab, and today I'll reveal how to unlock the special christmas character, Gifty, who is a big gift box wrapped in a ribbon. 

How To Unlock "Gifty" in Crossy Road

To unlock, Gifty, you'll need the Festive Chicken. This character can be bought through an in-app purchase or won by buying the mystery boxes with the in-game coins. 

Play Crossy Road as the Festive Chicken. While this may take a few turns, eventually while playing the game you'll come across a large Christmas Tree. 

Go right up next to the large Christmas tree. The tree will 'activate'. Continue playing the game. After you lose, you'll be awarded with the new special mystery character, Gifty. 


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