Monday, January 26, 2015

Buy The Apple Watch Sport And You'll Be Stuck Wearing a Sports Band?

Mixed Apple Watch Sport Models with different bands | Created with website:

If you're looking forward to changing bands on your Apple Watch to match your mood or the occasion, you better plan on buying the stainless steel Apple Watch. If you buy the Apple Watch Sport (aluminum version) you may be stuck using the Sport bands.

Now I know you're saying; 'No! All bands of the same size are interchangeable between models!', which you should be correct. I am not saying other Apple Watch bands won't fit the Sport watch, but from a design and fashion point of view - the Apple Watch Sport is only made to 'look good' with a Sport Band. Apple would know this - it's probably why they never show a Sport Apple Watch with anything other than a Sport band on their website.

Why is this? (I believe) all the bands (other than the fluoroelastomer Sport band) have been designed for the Apple Watch - the stainless steel one. Just look at the ends - most have polished stainless steel. Connect one of those to an aluminum watch and it'll look tacky!

Wait! What about the Leather Loop watch bands?! Okay, yeah this band 'could' look okay on a Sport Apple Watch, but I don't think it'll look great. Nothing compared to the stainless steel Apple Watch.

It's not only the aluminum Apple Watch Sport that has this problem, the Space-Black stainless steel Apple Watch is also limited to the number of bands you could attach it too (exceptions: Link Band, Leather Loop and Sport Band).

The Space-Black Apple Watch is also always shown on the Apple website with its matching Space-Black Link Band - leading to speculation by some that this watch will only be sold with this band. An interesting note: the Space-Black Apple Watch contains a diamond-like carbon layer to give the watch its look, and the Link Band takes nearly nine hours to just cut the links (for each band). How much do you think Apple will charge for this watch?! I think we could see the Apple Watch Space-Black with Link Band be close a thousand dollars.

So what's my point? Well I thought it was important to make sure everyone knows. I've seen comments of people who say that they want the 'cheaper version' Sport watch and with a metal band. My opinion, but no, sorry, that's not going to look great. It's tacky! Nearly all those bands are made for a watch that most likely will not start near a price of $349USD. I believe Apple will want to sell you its stainless steel version, but not cheap - though they would hope that you buy additional bands to go along with your new smartwatch.

Apple will charge much higher prices than other smartwatches already on the market. I believe Apple doesn't see themselves competing in a market with smartwatches made by Samsung, LG, Sony, or Motorolla, but with the fashionable timepieces made by the Swiss watchmakers. So if you want a 'watch' with changeable bands (that have more than a difference of just color) and not a 'sport watch', be prepared to spend. I hope you've already started saving.

The Apple Watch is rumored to be available to buy sometime in March 2015.


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