Sunday, December 21, 2014

Squirrel Snowball Fight! - Snow Brawlin' Xtreme - iOS Game App

Get into the festive winter spirit with a old fashion rogue rodent snowball fight! Currently FREE to download (down from 99 cents USD) at time of posting, Snow Brawlin' Xtreme by Ghost Hand Games, LLC is a snow brawl free-for-all!

A fun snow-fight among squirrels, that plays a little like a carnival game.  Play as Risoo, a squirrel, protecting his corner of the forest from other greedy squirrels. 

Squirrels pop-up from behind the snow-hills, and start throwing snowballs at you. Tap the squirrels to throw snowballs back at them, while tilting your device to move to the left and right - avoiding the snowballs being thrown back at you and collecting coins and power-ups.     


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