Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Plague Inc. Team Up With Santa To Infect The World With Happiness This Christmas Holidays!

Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations, the game usually about infecting and destroying the world, has gotten into the holiday spirit this Christmas, with a new "Santa's Little Helper" Scenarios game.

In a grim world where governments have banned holidays, laughter and celebrations, worldwide - it's up to you to team up with Santa, using the Neurax Worm to infect the world - this time with joy and happiness!  

This special scenario game uses the Neurax Worm in special holiday abilities - featuring;

Transmission of; Snowballs, Eggs-Nog, Emotive Radar, Stocking Filler, Glow worms... and

Symptoms; Festive Tendrils, Friendship, Love, Laughter, Joy, Indulgence, Partying,  Digital Elf, Digital Angel, Harmony...

And Abilities; Red-Suited Pilot and Red-Nosed Guide,

and more...

For current Plague Inc. players, the new Santa's Little Helper scenario is free to play over the holiday period. You can find the update in the App Store.

For new players, Plague Inc. is available for both iPhone and iPad for $0.99 USD.


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