Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Estimates Of How Much The Apple Watch Range Will Cost

Apple Watch Edition Yellow Gold with Sports Band. | Image from Apple Inc. 

For fun, I'm adding myself to the Apple Watch price estimate game! As you may know, when Apple announced the Apple Watch last September, they gave us nothing but a starting price of $349 USD. They did not mention which Apple Watch, whether the Sport, standard (Stainless Steel), or Edition (18-carat gold) this price was for. However, it is assumed that the $349 price tag is for the 38mm lightweight anodized aluminum Apple Watch Sport, which comes in silver and space-grey with strengthened Ion-X glass - as this would most likely be the cheapest Apple Watch to manufacture.

Current rumors have suggested a $500 price tag for the stainless steel version and a $4,000 to $5,000 price for the gold. My price estimates for the Apple Watch are just assumptions and guesses and do not include any knowledge of real prices from any other sources. No inside, or confirmed information.

So let's assume the 38mm Apple Watch Sport is the starting price of $349. This would likely mean the 42mm Apple Watch Sport would be priced higher, as the watch is larger, could contain a larger battery and obviously has a bigger screen. So just how much may Apple charge for a slightly bigger Apple Watch? With a height difference of 4mm and a screen difference of about a point of a couple of horizontal inches, I'd say the 42mm Apple Watch Sport will be priced at around $399-429, a $50-80 price increase.

Then what about the standard, self-named, Apple Watch. Made of cold-forged stainless steel coming in a silver or black chrome finish. And including sapphire crystal to protect the screen. This watch we can assume will be a lot more pricier. Exactly how much? My guess would be at least a $200 price increase over the Sport, or maybe even $300. My first guess of Apple's pricing for the stainless steel watch was around $1,000. But since then, I've lowered that price - maybe wishful thinking? So, for the Stainless Steel and sapphire Apple Watch my estimates are: a staring price of $549 for the 38mm and $599-$629 for the 42mm. But I would not be surprised if we saw a 38mm price of $649 and a 42mm at $749.

Then there's the watch for the wealthy. For those with so much cash, they don't care if Apple releases another one in 12 months - which will make theirs seem prehistoric, because they'll just buy that one too. It's the Apple Watch Edition. These watches are crafted from 18-carat gold with polished sapphire crystal. Price estimates so far have this watch going for around a rumored $5,000. I agree and going to assume the rumors might be right on with this one.  There was a few lower estimates have guessed a starting price of $1,000, but that is way to cheap for a gold Apple Watch. The Rose Gold watch I'm estimating to be around $4,000 - $5,000. And the Yellow Gold Apple Watch Edition to be between $5,000 and $7,000.

So which Apple Watch are you considering to buy? Start saving that money! The Apple Watch is said by Apple to be released, "early 2015", at least in the USA. Reports have suggested that the release date could actually be sometime in Spring, maybe at earliest - the end of March 2015.

Learn more about the Apple Watch on it's official website.

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  1. I like the Space-Black Apple Watch. Hope it won't be too expensive, otherwise I'd probably buy the Space-Gray Sport.


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