Friday, December 12, 2014

Google Updates iOS Search App with Material Design & Improved Features

The Google app for iOS got a make over today with Google's new Material Design. The newly updated app not only now looks like something right out of Android, but packs some much needed improvements. 

Let me just start with; the Google iOS app is pretty cool. It's design looks great and it's animations are fluid and are great eye-candy. And it's features now also almost make it like a full web browser. Speaking of web browsers, this Google app is what Google Chrome on iOS should be. Seriously, the Google app is one thousand times better than Chrome on iOS. It's design is much nicer, and it just works better and easier. If you want to know what I mean, go use Google Image search in this app, then compare the experience to Chrome, or even Safari on iOS. 

If you had previously downloaded the Google Search app on iOS, you'd know that you could view any webpage, but it was limited through a Google Search and you could only view one page at a time. The new update is also limited through search (you can type the web address into the searchbar to go directly to the website), but you can now have multiple tabs open, referred in the app as "Recently", and accessible through the multitasking window button. To make a new tab, simply tap the Google logo button in the 'Recently' multitasking page. To remove a page, simply swipe it to the left or right. 

Other features of the Google app for iOS include; newly integrated support for Google Maps. The ability to search by voice and by using the hot-word, "Ok, Google" to activate voice search. There is an option to switch this off in the settings, if you don't want the Google app to be always listening for the phrase. Of course there is access to Google Now services and information. 

If you love your iPhone and iPad, but find yourself using a lot of Google services, the Google Search app will make a great addition to your iOS device. With Google Now, Improved search and especially Google Image Search - over other web browsers, Google Map features right inside the app, a new fancy Material design, Recent tabs, and more - this is a must download for Google fans with iOS devices. 

Now Google, can you update the Chrome (make it similar to this app!) and Gmail app for iOS? Thanks! 


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