Wednesday, December 10, 2014

'Empire Run' Priced Dropped To FREE - Download Now - iOS Games

'Empire Run – A Planet H game from HISTORY' by A&E Television Networks Mobile, is a side-scrolling runner game combined with history lessons.

Featuring three different challenges; Race, Destroy and Survive, across five ancient world empires; Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, The Maya Civilization, The Ming Dynasty and The Mughal Empire.

You play as a school kid, who is the star of the track team. After running all day, you remember you have a history test tomorrow! So you start reading and fall asleep. In your dreams, you travel around 5 ancient empires of the world, learning interesting facts about each, all while collecting coins, DYK's (Did You Knows), and challenging ancients to races, defeating ancients, and surviving a run.

The controls and easy to use. Simple one-touch controls like; swipe right to dash, tap to jump, etc... The graphics feature fun, colorful, cartoon style imagery.

A great game for kids, they might learn a few fun facts about the ancient world, all in the process of playing a game!

'Empire Run – A Planet H game from HISTORY' is currently FREE to download at the time of this posting, down from USD$1.99. The game is designed for both iPhone and iPad. A great fun game, download it now.

View 'Empire Run – A Planet H game from HISTORY' on the App Store.  


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