Friday, November 7, 2014

Swipe Keyboard For iPhone & iPad Currently FREE to Download!

Swype by Nuance Communications is Apple's App of the Week! Which means that you get to download this app now for free! A saving of $0.99USD

Swype is the original keyboard that lets you type by swiping across the keyboard to the letters in the word making writing on your iPhone and iPad a lot quicker!

I must say, Swype is pretty impressive! I am writing this whole review with the keyboard. I was actually surprised with how accurate Swype was with the word I was swiping. Not saying there wasn't any mistakes, but they were rare. For the most part, Swype got it all right.

Some of the benefits that you get from Swype are: fast swiping/ typing. Capital and lower case letters showing on the keyboard. A few different themes. Predictive words even without full access allowed in the keyboard settings. You can add words to the your own personal dictionary...

I found that the in my experience the main key to swiping fast on Swype is a good knowledge of where letters are on the keyboard, and good spelling. If you have that down, Swype will handle the rest.

Swype is a great keyboard, its currently free thanks to Apple. I definitely recommend that you give it a try.

Don't know how to install a third party keyboard on your iPhone or iPad? Check out this video to learn!


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