Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Puzzle A Day To Solve - SolveThis+ for iOS

SolveThis+ by PONOS, is a new iOS puzzle game with a twist. 

Instead of offering a bunch of different puzzles to solve in one go, SolveThis+ offers, a new challenge, a day (I guess), with only the one day to solve the puzzle.

The puzzles are about moving blocks to a destination through obstacles. You can move in up, down, left, and right directions, but all the blocks move together.

If you really want to play the next days puzzle, you can by buying it through an in app purchase.

The puzzles seem to be challenging and fun. It counts how many moves you take to solve the puzzle, however I found it odd that it doesn't seem to remember that you've completed the day's puzzle. It just goes back to the same generic screen that I guess it shows everyone. I couldn't find any place that showed my day's score...

Get SolveThis+ by PONOS now on iPhone and iPad. 


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