Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mac Tip: How To See URL of Link in Safari Before You Click It

It's never a good idea to click random links that you don't know where they'll go to until after clicking. I have no idea why Apple would not want to show this in their web browser, Safari by default. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both shows the URL of a link when you hover over one.

There is a few ways to see the destination of hyperlinked text/images in Safari.

The first way, is to switch on the Status Bar, which is off by default. The Status Bar these days is pretty useless and just takes up space, but it does show the url of hovered links. You can switch on the Status Bar by clicking "View" in the Safari Menubar, then "Show Status Bar".

The second easy way to see where a link will lead you before you click it, is: click and hold on the link, then drag the mouse away from the hyperlinked button a little. An information box will appear above/below your mouse cursor with the URL of the link.

The third way, goes back to the Status Bar, but a third party one - an extension for Safari called, "Ultimate Status Bar". This extension will reveal where links will lead to, lengthen shortened URLs, and can also show other details like, file type and size. Best of all, this status bar will appear only when needed to and hover over the webpage in the bottom corner. There's also a bunch of customization options. The extension is good, however I found it didn't work on all sites I tried, and couldn't lengthen the links I tried.

So if you're wanting to see the destination of a link before you click on it, I'd recommend my second method, click-hold and drag.


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