Tuesday, November 18, 2014

iTunes: Your iCloud Session Has Expired / iCloud Purchases Keep Switching Off

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Does 'show iTunes in the Cloud Purchases' keep switching itself off? You are probably getting "Your iCloud Session Has Expired" as well, right? And then iTunes makes you sign-in again?

Well here's a little tip of what may be causing this issue. iTunes seems to be linked with Safari. Whenever you delete/ Safari deletes your stored website data, iTunes logs you out of iCloud and switches off "Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases".

You can try this yourself. Open iTunes, sign in. Make sure show purchases is switched on. Close iTunes. Re-open iTunes - your still signed in to iCloud. Close iTunes. Now try opening Safari. Click Safari in the Menubar and then Preferences. Go to the Privacy tab and click "Remove All Website Data". Re-open iTunes, you'll notice you're signed out of iTunes in the Cloud.

So, while you may not be able to stop iTunes from making your iTunes iCloud session expire at all, you may be able to prolong this by not clearing your Safari website history / data. Try setting Safari not to auto delete history for at least a few days as well. (Safari Menubar: Safari > Preferences > General > Remove history items.)


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