Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Free iOS Video Downloader - App Review

Video Downloader by Appsneon can download videos from websites right on your iOS device. However I think this version should really be looked at as a 'free' sample of Video Downloader Pro [USD$3.99], because the free version lacks the main features that you'd really want in a video downloader.

The main features that you can use in 'Video Downloader - Download & Play Any Video', is: view websites through the in-built web browser. Watch videos. Save videos by pressing the old fashion disk button. View saved files in the designated files tab, create playlists, and set a passcode.

Upgrade to the PRO version by downloading the app 'Video Downloader Pro - Download & Play Any Video' for the extra features of: No ads. Ability to transfer files to and from PC, and the ability to export the videos to your Camera Roll.

Video Downloader does work on many popular video sharing websites. It didn't find an option to choose the quality of the video I was saving - it seemed to be just the one that was playing. It's an okay video downloader, but lacks the main features that you'd probably want in a video downloader, unless you buy the Pro version of the app. Not my choice, if you want a free video downloader for iPhone and iPad.

View on App Store: Video Downloader - Download & Play Any Video [Free]


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