Thursday, November 27, 2014

Crossy Road Endless Hopper - A Modern Take on Frogger - App Review

What do you get when you combine the graphics of Minecraft, difficulty similar to Flappy Bird, and the street crossing of Frogger? Your new gaming addiction, Crossy Road by Hipster Whale.

So maybe the game isn't as difficult as Flappy Bird, but it does have some similarities. Crossy Road is an endless arcade style hopper game which is kinda like a modern day take on the classic Frogger. And this game is actually pretty good. No really, it is.

Featuring 3D block graphics, the aim of Crossy Road is to guide your character across the endless roads and rivers, dodging cars, trucks, trains and more, trying not to get hit or run over! You are rewarded with one point for every forward hop you take. It's a game of always trying to top your previous high score.

There is heaps of unlockable characters. You start out with the chicken and then get rewarded with coins (and can collect coins from the road) which you can use to buy a mystery gift for 100 coins. You can also buy characters individually for USD$0.99 each.

Characters include; a chicken, a baby duck, a Kiwi (the animal), a Poopy Pigeon, a goat, sheep, cow, a Big Fat Pig (no, I'm not name calling, that's the actual characters name), a Unihorse, a Pew Die Pug, a lucky and unlucky cat, some bunnies, a few frogs, a penguin, Crazy Ol' Ben, a Celeb, a Hot Shot, a Mad Wizard, a ghost, and a lot more!    

The graphics of Crossy Road are very blocky, similar feel to Minecraft, but the graphics doesn't make the game bad at all. The blocky feel is fun and works with this game.

You can play Crossy Road in portrait or landscape mode.  The game plays on a slant. The controls are easy to use; tap to move forward, and/or swipe in the direction you want to move in.

You will probably find yourself not wanting to put this game down. Who could blame you! It's pretty addicting. 'Endless' game fans might love this. Fans of the old classic Frogger game should check this out! It's got it's similarities to Frogger, but is different and has a more modern feel.

Crossy Road is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is FREE to download, with in-app purchases available.


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