Monday, November 10, 2014

Awesome 'Guess The Riddle' Game For iOS, Currently Free To Download

Love riddles? Then check out the iOS word game, Hi Guess the Riddle by Man Zhang, currently free, down from it's previous price of $0.99 USD.

Hi Guess the Riddle, is a riddle game. With a simplistic game design, you are given riddles to solve, the letter space of the answer and a jumbled up grid of letters to use to solve the puzzle.

After solving a puzzle you can move on to the next puzzle or share the puzzle to Facebook.

Puzzles are divided up into levels. When you move up to a higher level you are rewarded with extra puzzle helpers.

The helpers, are limited, you start with four off each; reveal a letter. And remove incorrect letters. If you run out and need more help, you can buy extra through in-app purchases. You can also ask for some help via Facebook.

A great game for puzzle and riddle fans of all ages. It starts of easy and gets harder as you progress. It features a nice interface and doesn't annoy with advertisements. On the home screen you can even see the percentage of players that you have beaten.

Take advantage of the current free offer (at time of posting) and download Hi Guess the Riddle for iOS devices now!

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