Monday, October 27, 2014

Zombie Creator App For iOS - Make A Zombie 2

It's almost Halloween, and what better fun than creating your own zombies. Make A Zombie 2 by Skunk Brothers GmbH comes with customizable items that'll help you to create your very own custom zombie!

Starting out with a base zombie model, you can change the background to different styles. Customize your zombies hair style, eyes, mouth, head, chests, tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes/feet (which you can't really see while you're making your zombie because a banner advertisement is covering the bottom part of the screen), additions to background, you can even add one of two different animals.

All up, around 150 different pieces that come with the app for free to choose from to create your zombie.

There is also a in-app store where you can buy additional items to create your zombie. The packs include: Meme Pack, Christmas Pack, Halloween Pack, Action Pack, and Pet Pack.

Make A Zombie 2 is FREE (features in-app purchases) to download, available for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) devices from the Apple App Store.  

- View Make A Zombie 2 in the App Store.


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