Monday, October 6, 2014

Monsu Platform Game With Collectible Companion Cards - iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Monsu by Boomlagoon, is a fun platform game where you control Monsu, a green monster, who is trying to collect back his stolen treasure.

A side-scrolling game, where you collect diamonds, jump over obstacles, and onto bad guys, while using power-ups, weapons, and other helpers.

The other key feature to Monsu is the collectable cards! Card companion helpers that you can upgrade and equip for some extra fire power! You can select three cards at a time, and use them in a wide combination.

Amazing graphics and high quality game play
Awesome platforming action with collectible cards
Collect and upgrade countless characters, power ups, weapons and mounts
Evolve your cards to access Legendary and Ultimate characters
Simple tap controls for your touch device
Friend tournaments and gifting with friends on Game Center and Facebook"

Monsu includes heaps of characters to collect, power-ups, weapons, and more.  There is also some character customization. You can dress Monsu up in different tops, pants, hats, and more...  

Monsu is a fun, entertaining game to play, that could get addictive - fortunately the game uses 'lives' which recharge over time, so you can't play all day. Unless of course you purchase some extra lives.

You collect diamonds in the game, which is also one of the games currency. You can use the diamonds to purchase additional cards, the customization items and more...    

The only main issue I experienced with Monsu was some loading issues. Occasionally the game froze on a loading screen. Apart from that, it's a great, entertaining, side-scrolling game. The use of card companions that you can use in different combinations is a nice feature. Unfortunately for the amount of time I played the game (which was quite a bit) - the game didn't give out many extra cards. The bonuses where more so, coins and crystals.

Good graphics, fun looking characters, heaps of extras, if you live platform games, download and try out this one! It's free to download and play - with in-app purchases available.


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