Friday, October 10, 2014

iOS 8 How To: Show Battery Percentage Indicator on iPhone & iPad in Status Bar

Showing the Battery Percentage on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) is off by default. It’s a handy feature - as it’ll give you a better idea of how much battery is left, more than just the little battery symbol - although if it’s in red, it’s probably time to get that charger out.

The options in Settings has changed a little in iOS 8, so if you're unsure, here are the steps to switch on the Battery Percentage indicator in iOS 8.

How To: Show Battery Percentage Indicator on iPhone & iPad

1. Open the Settings App.

2. Tap General.

3. Then tap Usage.

4. At the top, there is the options under the heading ‘Battery’, Battery Usage (where you can see info on what’s using your devices battery life), and Battery Percentage.

5. Under the ‘Battery’ heading, is Battery Percentage. Slide the switch to ‘on’ (green). The battery percentage will now be shown in your iOS devices Status Bar.


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