Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How To Recover Deleted Photos In iOS 8 (iPhone / iPad Tip)

Photos that you thought you deleted may still be on your iPhone/iPad and can be restored!

Luckily, if you deleted a photo from the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad only to realize you didn't mean too or didn't at the time think you wanted to keep, don't fret! Yet. There may be a chance for you to get that photo back, thanks to a new feature in iOS 8.

In iOS 8, when you delete a photo from the Photos app, it doesn't really delete... At least straight away. Under the 'Albums' tab, there is a new folder called, "Recently Deleted".

The 'Recently Deleted' folder contains all the pictures you have deleted recently. Photos will last for 30 days in this folder, before they are permanently deleted off of your device.

To recover a deleted photo on your iPhone or iPad, simply tap on the photo in the 'Recently Deleted' album, then tap, "Recover".


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