Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Learning Game For Kids - iPad and iPhone Apps

Halloween is almost upon us and what a better treat for the kids than some fun and educational Halloween games for them to play on iPad and iPhone!

Halloween Learning Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids by Abby Monkey®

This halloween iOS app is filled with great education games for young preschool and kindergarten kids. 
"Developed in cooperation with educational specialists by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn..."
Featuring 10 games for kids (5 actual games). The games included in this halloween app are: 

Pumpkin Maker - two games, one: a game that shows you a pumpkin, then asks you to select the correct parts, one-by-one, rebuilding your own pumpkin to matching the picture.  Second game: you can select your own pumpkin, and choose the eyes, nose, mouth, that you want. 

Tracing Letters - A game that shows you a letter and marks out a path for you to trace, teaching you how to write letters. You also get an example of the letter used in as a noun. 

First Words Builder - Jumbled up letters with empty spaces below, you goal is to create the work you're told to by moving the letters into the correct places. 

Coloring Book - 6 different images to color. There are two modes; one with predetermined colors. The image has colored dots everywhere to tell you want the colors should be. Choose a color pencil on screen and then tap the certain places that the color should be to automatically fill the spot. The other mode, you can select any colors you want - and color anything any color you want.  

Memory Games - This is you basic turn over cards and try to find a pair. 

The app preview pages claims that there is "Ten fantastic Halloween-themed games", but there is only distinctively five games that I could find, and that they list - Pumpkin Maker, Tracing Letters, First Words, Memory Games, and Coloring Book. Some games have a couple of different modes, so I guess that's how they're counting them? 

The app features fun halloween imagery, sounds, educational content for kids, and professional voice instructions. 

Halloween Learning Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids is available for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad) from the iTunes App Store. [Current price at time of posting: USD $1.99]. 


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