Saturday, October 11, 2014

Full-Featured Random Number Generator for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Random NumGenerator by Bice Applications, is a simple, easy to use number generator, with all the basic features that you'd most likely want to use.

Whether you want to generate a few random numbers, use it for a game, or choosing numbers for your next lottery entry, Random NumGenerator has got you covered.

Featuring a simple looking iOS style design and interface, the main screen has two main choices: Min and Max, which is the minimum number and maximum number you want your random numbers to be between.

Pressing the Menu button gives you a few other options. Generate Simultaneously - choose how many numbers you want to generate all at the same time. Settings, and App Info.

Settings include options for sounds, and 'No Repeat', switch this option on if you don't want repeated numbers.

Back on the main screen, there are a couple of additional options under the share button. From the share button you can clear your recent generated numbers, email the numbers, or copy the numbers.

Random NumGenerator is a nice simple app. It's not fancy - but it does what it says. It has the features that you're most likely to use, and displays your numbers in a clean fashion. If you're looking for a basic number generator, then definitely give this app a look.

Random NumGenerator is currently FREE to download (at time of posting) down from its previous price of USD$0.99.


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