Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finding A Replacement To Polling App 'Polar' - iOS App Reviews

There once was a pretty cool polling app called Polar. It featured a cute cartoon Polar bear and would let you survey a community with a poll that you could create with two different options. It was a nice app with a nice small social network. But as Polar has now closed due to the team being acquired by Google, I set out to the App Store to see if I could find the next best replacement. A task that I didn't think would be so difficult.

Three Cents is an app were you can create polls and get instant opinions. You can create public or private polls and you can get your friends to respond via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or Email.

However I could not actually review the app as it would not load past this screen. Three Cents may seem to have some iOS 8 issues - that is if there is anyone still using the app at all, I can't tell - as I said, it would not load.

Next up,

In Askem, you can use images and short videos to question everything! Ask interactive questions with up to 5 pop-up answers.

Sounds cool? Well I would know. It seems Askem doesn't like me much either as it would also not load past a start up screen. Askem for me would just hang on the sign up page. Another app with iOS 8 issues?


Thumbs description says "ask any question and receive 50-100 responses from real people in just a few minutes." That sound good.

You must sign up first, like the other apps - before you can access the content. Unfortunately it just wasn't my day! Thumb crashes as soon as I press, sign up.

So I have struck out with 3 apps, all which seem to have possible iOS 8 issues. If this is the case, come on developers! If you're serious about your apps, what have you been doing in the last 4 months that the iOS 8 Betas have been out? And if you no longer want to keep running your apps anymore, at least have the decency hat Polar had, to shut down your app.

I may come back to try reviewing these apps again at a later time, but as for the next great polling app, or one that might even work - I don't know... I'm going to leave that question up to you! Do you know of any good poll /voting apps? If you do, let us know in the comments! Also let us know if any of these apps above, actually work for you!


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